Sunday, December 23, 2007

December 22 is National Haiku Poetry Day

In commemoration, I composed the following as tribute. I welcome responses written - of course - in haiku. Oh, and Happy Winter Solstice.

National Haiku
Poetry Day is today
Write responsibly

Friends never let friends
write limericks or sonnets
When haiku will do

Maybe yes, maybe
No, maybe rain, maybe snow
Happy holidays

day to write haiku, perhaps
I’ve too much free time

A grinding grayness
Every short day is colder
But I’m sure Spring comes

Broken sleep last night
my sweetie sounds like Vader
Tonight, the guest room

Oh, time on my hands
The devil’s plaything, no doubt
Inflicting bad poetry

Winter in Falls Church, VA, 2006

1 comment:

Alan Summers said...


no winter rainfall
thick snow covers the city
with tobagganing

all my best,

With Words